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    Doručení do celého světa

Glass gifts and decorations by Clarisima Crystal

Handmade glassware and gifts

Glasses, figurines, Christmas decorations and other glass products from skilled Czech glassmakers in an incredibly wide selection.

Clarisima s.r.o. It offers quality and original glass products and presents the results of the work of Czech glassmakers, cutters, painters and engravers. Clarisima s.r.o. brings to the market the reputation of glassmakers as well as the uniqueness and quality of their glass products.

At Clarisima s.r.o. We are delighted to present you with a lively tradition and modern technology, the precision of the craftsman and the invention of the artist. The beauty of glass cut, engraved, painted, metallurgical, drawn, blown, gilded, as well as glass plated with modern technology or decorated with sandblasting.

Choose from glass decorative and utility products, from traditional drink glasses to ballerina or musician figures, traditional perfume bottles or snowballs with Pegasus.
Painted glasses, anniversary goblets, glass plaques and paperweights. We prepare new Christmas decorations and candlesticks made of glass for candle. Custom production of glass gifts. Glass flowers and glass decorations.

Custom production of glass gifts and utility products

If you do not choose despite a wide selection or if you need a company logo or a birthday gift, order custom sandblasting, painting, engraving, grinding. Contact us without hesitation.

  • Obrovský výběr nápojového skla

    Huge selection of drinking glasses

  • Luxusní skleněné šachy

    Luxury glass chess

  • Dechberoucí skleněná těžítka

    Breathtaking glass paperweights

  • Smaltované a zlacené křišťálové sklenice

    Enameled and gilded crystal glasses

  • Jubilejní sklenice

    Jubilee glass