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    Doručení do celého světa

Glass figurines

Cut glass figures, hand-drawn or blown

Figurines handmade by various methods and decorated differently. What piece is the original.
Glass figurines of all shapes and colors

Figurines of folk, musicians, craftsmen, ballet dancers, animals made of Czech glass of various shapes and colors for the enjoyment of the gifted and collectors.

  • in a graceful dance position, you must like it. The glassmaker's clever hands shaped the ballet dancer in motion.

  • The cut components are carefully glued together with extraordinary precision in cooperation with the designer, creating unique shapes of characters and animals.

  • and classical music. We also conceived this as a challenge that the whole orchestra of musicians could be shaped from glass.

    If you miss a musician with a musical instrument, write. Figurines of classical musicians, glass music orchestra.

  • Here you can see that glass can be used to create figures of footballers, hockey players, athletes and other professions, but also Christmas figures or animal figures from the forest or zoo.

  • Handmade glass tubes at the burner. Each figurine is a blow molded unique original!

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