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Glass sculptures

Art Glass Design - various figures in motion are produced, which are suitable as a beautiful design piece for the interior. Animal figures, characters from legends, fairy tales and Greek and other myths from storytelling are also produced, according to the imagination and skill of the glassmaker.

  • We were inspired by the wildness, cultural diversity, beauty and history of the African continent. We also found inspiration in ancient Egypt.
    According to our imagination, we created the figure of Nefertiti, the sun god Ra, the figure of Hathor, the god Thovt and other Egyptian ancient gods.
    The collection is created by figures of indigenous people as they recall from the ancient times of Zikmund and Hanzelka's travels or from the books of Jules Verne.

  • it is always an inspiring topic and it is no exception. Even a glassmaker can create curves of graceful movement of a model while walking, dancing, playing a musical instrument, or just a sternly naked Eve in all her female beauty. Here you will find figures of women in various activities and in various variants of the latest fashion trends.

  • For everyone, dance means something different, especially freedom, expression, thanks to which we have the opportunity to express our feelings and thoughts, purification of the soul, fun, inspiration, relaxation, art, relaxation, work, sports, etc. We have prepared various performances of dance characters in motion .

  • Here our imagination begins to pick up. You will find models that will be inspiring and I will leave everything you imagine when looking at them to you.

    Really good models!

  • here you will find characters from ancient Greek myths and legends, fairy tale and biblical characters. Symbolism of the four seasons. Spring. Summer. Autumn. Winter. Characters expressing the weather. Wind. Sun. Blooming garden.

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