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Gifts of glass

Original glass gifts

glass gifts from the best glass masters. Handmade - each piece is original.
Glass gifts, both artistic and useful

Gifts for birthday, anniversary, holiday, graduation, graduation or as a memory. Gifts in the form of utility or artistic glassware.

Annual or wedding glasses, glass pens, glass chess, snowballs, glass plaques, lucky trees decorated with crystal, paperweights, bells and bells, Prague Infant Jesus, glass ballet dancers, glass rococo ladies, crystal and glass figurines, angels and angels…

  • original, tasteful gift. Handmade glass production. What a piece of the original. Custom production

  • Glass saving piggy bank. Good luck. Happy piggy.

  • A nice gift of a cute figurine with a thermometer stuck on a pedestal. Thermometer with a figure of a dog, cat, frog, chimney sweep, snowman and other figures made by a glassmaker.

  • Astrological signs of the zodiac as you do not know them. We have prepared for you unusual astrological signs, horoscopes made of glass, painted on glass, blown from glass, sandblasted on a paperweight, on a glass, painted on a Christmas decoration, shaped by a glassmaker according to his imagination or a given model.

  • Do you want to give a real experience?

    A gift that will surprise and delight?

    You are right here: we have blended high-quality Czech glass, engraver's skill and uniqueness of vitreous paint together with high-quality liqueur or distillate

    Take a look at the basic sets and choose.

    Didn't they choose? Would you like a gift set with wine? With beer? Other glasses? Other colors? Ceramics? Does not matter. Contact us, the possibilities are inexhaustible!

    Delight with a gift that will please !!

  • a lucky tree decorated with small cut crystal octagons

    trunk and twigs treated with galvanizing and varnishing - guaranteed jewelery quality

  • A glass form gives the formless glass. The final appearance of the product is achieved by hand grinding and subsequent polishing of smooth surfaces.

    Sandblasting themes to order.

  • glass plaques of the Infant Jesus of Prague in colorful dresses, bells with the figure of the Infant Jesus of Prague

  • Beautiful gift in the form of sandblasted globe in a gilded frame.

    A glass gift that will always please everyone who likes to travel and is at least a little adventurer.
  • Gift bottles
    Blown glass are a popular gift. And when it is filled with the celebrant's favorite drink, everything is ready for a festive toast in suitable glass glasses. Glassmakers can blow bottles of various shapes, sizes in combination with the desired motif. Or just clear bottles. It is possible to use the bottles and fill them with liquid.

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