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    Doručení do celého světa

Snow globes

Snow globes for joy not only at Christmas

Snow globes also work as a workbench meditation aid, paperweight or beautiful decoration.
Each Snow globesis original

The Snow globes is made by the traditional method of production - a blown glass bulb with a figurine inside - figures of people, animals, locks, flowers ... Each snowball is made by hand and is a unique gift with a unique atmosphere.

  • Snow globe with animal figures

    Beautiful traditional glass paperweights, made by Czech craftsmen from Czech glass. The fragile beauty of glass figurines enclosed in a blown glass flask, filled with distilled water and "snow". On the underside, the paperweights are taped with a fabric to prevent scratching and slipping.
    Every snowdrop is original

    Minor differences in size are given by hand piece production.

  • Custom production of snow globes with artificial snow is always reminiscent of a Christmas snowy landscape behind a frozen window. Christmas is here!

  • Snow globe with city motifs
    Beautiful traditional glass paperweights-snow globes , made by skilled craftsmen from glass

  • Snow globe with Horoscope motifs-Zodiac
    Beautiful traditional glass paperweights, Snow globes, made by skilled craftsmen from glass.

  • Beautiful snow globes. The fragile beauty of glass figures enclosed in a blown glass balls.
    Each snow globe is original. Minor differences in sizes are due to manual piece production.

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