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Choose from decorative glass and utilitarian gifts, from traditional drinking glasses to figurines of ballerinas or musicians. Traditional perfume bottles or snow globes with Pegasus, a discreet gilded mug, African Art glass. Crystal glass, painted glasses, anniversary goblets, glass plaques. Paperweights. We are preparing new original Christmas decorations and candlesticks for Christmas table. Custom production of glass gifts and daily necessities. Glass flowers. Decoration for your home.

  • Christmas glass ornaments and decorations

    Christmas decorations. Christmas candlesticks. Christmas figures, angels and other glass Christmas decorations from glassmakers.
    Christmas tree decorations and gifts.

    Use genuine Christmas glass ornaments to decorate a tree, table, window or your home with Christmas decorations. Christmas glass ornaments like a gift to loved ones, friends or other people you care about or want to please. The best Christmas glass ornaments.

  • Snow globes for joy not only at Christmas

    Snow globes also work as a workbench meditation aid, paperweight or beautiful decoration.
    Each Snow globesis original

    The Snow globes is made by the traditional method of production - a blown glass bulb with a figurine inside - figures of people, animals, locks, flowers ... Each snowball is made by hand and is a unique gift with a unique atmosphere.

  • Original glass gift

    Gifts from the best glass masters. Handmade - each piece is original.
    Glass gifts, both artistic and useful.

    Gift for birthday, anniversary, holiday, wedding, graduation or as a memory. Gifts in the form of utility or artistic glassware.

    Wedding glasses, glass pens, glass chess, snowballs, glass plaques, lucky trees decorated with crystal, paperweights, bells and balls, Prague Infant Jesus, glass ballet dancers, glass ladies, crystal and glass figurines, angels and Chrsitmas decoration.

  • glass plaques of the Infant Jesus of Prague in colorful dresses, bells with the figure of the Infant Jesus of Prague

  • Glasses for birthdays, anniversaries, wine glasses, champagne and cognac. Gift glasses. Hand-decorated with a floral pattern and arabesque using the technique of high enamel on gold, will ensure a real enjoyment of a noble drink. A gift that says it all for you. We ship in a gift box lined with satin.

  • Decorated glasses with gold, painted decors on glasses. Glasses for wine, champagne, whiskey, aperitif. Quality glasses. Suitable as a gift. The tradition of production and decoration of Czech glass.

  • The bottle is manufactured by the same production processes as a hundred years ago.
    Jewelery handicrafts are also used in the production of these decorated bottles and decorated mirrors even now.
    Larger glass stones are pressed into steel pliers above the burner.
    The grinders then adjust these glass stones to their final shape. The bottle is made of soda-potassium glass.

  • Fence balls
    Garden decoration Clarisima's range of glass products also includes glass fence balls for the garden in a varied menu. We offer fence balls made of glass of various sizes, as well as garden spirals and glass sprinklers. Glass balls for the garden belong to the traditional ornaments of gardens. We offer fence balls of various colors, with the possibility of ordering through the e-shop. Tradition of glass production, famous in our country and abroad. Wide range of glass products suitable as a gift.

  • blown and hand-shaped glass at the smelter. It is usually produced in small series. Gifts, glass products - figurines, fence spheres, waterproofers, spirals, vases and glasses, carafe.

  • Art Glass Design - various figures in motion are produced, which are suitable as a beautiful design piece for the interior. Animal figures, characters from legends, fairy tales and Greek and other myths from storytelling are also produced, according to the imagination and skill of the glassmaker.

  • We have prepared a large selection of glass bells, bells. The bells are hand cut, painted with Christmas decorations or engraved with gold.

    The bells are in different colors. Bim Bam

  • Glass decoration for interior and exterior, Home decoration
    Glass decorations in many attractive designs, stylish, traditional and timeless.

  • Cut glass figures, hand-drawn or blown

    Figurines handmade by various methods and decorated differently. What piece is the original.
    Glass figurines of all shapes and colors

    Figurines of folk, musicians, craftsmen, ballet dancers, animals made of Czech glass of various shapes and colors for the enjoyment of the gifted and collectors.

  • hand cut and polished balls of crystal clear glass of high quality

  • Eggs and figurines made of blown glass. Easter decoration to diversify the home and garden. Glass decoration from Easter eggs, bunny figurines for the real experience of Easter and spring.

  • Perfectly technologically and design-processed glass gives rise to unique products. Art glass has a unique look and its handmade production is a guarantee of originality and inimitability of each piece. The combination of skill, sophistication and creativity creates artistic glass that has a perfect execution and a unique design, which you will appreciate even in practical use.

  • High-quality clear glasses from our assortment will certainly find their owner, a taster of favorite red and white wines, cognacs or other alcoholic or even soft drinks. We have found the most suitable glass shapes for you. Whether for wine tasting or just a selection for a particular type of wine, champagne, but also something sharper.

  • Custom production of Christmas decorations, sandblasted glasses and plaques with the motifs of Prague, Vienna and Salzburg. It is also possible to prepare production according to your other wishes.

  • Decoration for your garden made of blown glass. Fence balls, hanging spirals, balls, garden water sprinklers pots, glass flowers, candlesticks, nice lovely animals. Glassmakers can make everything you want from glass. Certainly the most popular are animals - bird, owl, eagle, parrot, horse, elephant, monkey, penguin, dog, cat, bear, fish. There are no limits to custom production. But again, every glassmaker has his own imagination. The product will never be the same and each piece produced will remain a unique original

  • Glass chess. Originality chess made of crystal glass components.

    Royal game in the form of glass crystal chess with gilded tin. Combination of metal and crystal glass. Large and small chessboard.

    Hand-cast chess with a cut crystal base. Historical figures.

  • Glass produced by the original technology, according to preserved historical models and archaeological excavations

    Beautiful hand-made glass products are a unique original of each piece produced.

    Glass and glass containers produced by historical methods according to historical models. Green forest glass. Handmade products.

  • decorated crystal glass. Originality. Design. Glasswork.

  • Original glass gifts

    glass gifts from the best glass masters. Handmade - each piece is original.
    Glass gifts, both artistic and useful

    Gifts for birthday, anniversary, holiday, graduation, graduation or as a memory. Gifts in the form of utility or artistic glassware.

    Annual or wedding glasses, glass pens, glass chess, snowballs, glass plaques, lucky trees decorated with crystal, paperweights, bells and bells, Prague Infant Jesus, glass ballet dancers, glass rococo ladies, crystal and glass figurines, angels and angels…

  • Sports annual glass awards, promotional items, glass balls, golf awards, hockey pucks, plaques, soccer balls, awards for tennis, awards for football, hockey, tennis, floorball and run-medals. Glass figures with a sports theme.
    Choose from finished glass products, the possibility of a unique design and subsequent custom production.
    Handmade of the highest quality, dimensionally adjustable, surface finishing, logo sanding. Production of gift boxes, logo printing and other options.

  • Production of handmade jewelry earrings, necklaces, brooches, hair clips and headbands. All fashion accessories and jewelery offered in our e-shop are from the workshops of Czech manufacturers and follow the traditional production of Jablonec jewelery and women's fashion. Browse carefully the offer and choose, whether you are looking for exclusive strass jewelry or just a lighter variant for everyday wear. Glass earrings, necklaces in different color-matched combinations. In all these categories you can buy necklaces, bracelets, earrings, headbands or crowns, hair ornaments, rings or brooches.

  • They are a quality and important tool for gentle care of your nails or manicure. Files with a high-quality sanding surface, which guarantees excellent sanding properties. The files are made of glass, with hand-painted decors, or glued Swarowski glass stones. Files are suitable for everyday problem-free nail care.

  • Perfect, precise castings of pewter figures, animals and things in conjunction with cut crystal components look alive and authentic. The metal parts are centrifugally cast from an alloy of 96% tin Sn, after machining and polishing a galvanic plating is performed, the top layer is Au gold or Ag silver. In the selection of pewter figures you will find various animals, means of transport but also horoscope signs.

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