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Wine glasses, champagne and cognac

Quality wine needs a quality glass.Each variety, every kind of wine requires its own to develop and offer the best of itself. The glass should be colorless, perfectly transparent, thin-walled with a smooth edge, with a cup of convenient shapes, on a long stem.

  • and rosé wine is more suitable and taller, so-called tipe, slightly elongated type of glass can keep the wine temperature lower and by narrowing towards the throat

  • it is wider, plump, its shape reflects the designation balloon, because it is round with a more open throat, the wine is well aerated in it. Try to discover the sensuality hidden in the glass with us.

  • High quality sparkling wines are poured into high-quality, light, tall glasses that show an increasing flow of bubbles.

  • Quality clear glasses from our assortment. We found you the best shapes of glasses. Whether for wine tasting or by choosing a particular type of wine, champagne but also something sharper. Cognac glasses.

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